Giselle Ricur, MD, MBA

I am Giselle Ricur, born in the US, but currently practicing in Argentina as a way of helping patients improve their quality life thru a better vision, as well as by training future ophthalmologists that will continue with our mission. As a former surgeon, I have been able to not only teach our residents but also help design and implement educational resources and tools destined to improve the standards in teaching ophthalmology, aligned with ICO’s mission in education.

My motivations come from being an eye care patient first, as a myope who also has astigmatism since childhood; and a physician later. Thus, I empathize with the needs of both of not only wanting to see better but to live with an improved lifestyle that only Refractive Surgery allows for. This is the main reason why I have dedicated my last 25 years to working in the Refractive Surgery arena.

As a Medical graduate and an Accredited Specialist in Ophthalmology, I obtained my MBA in Strategic Direction at EUNCET Polytechnic University of Catalonia and my MSc in Healthcare Management at the Swiss Business School (SBS). Currently a PhD Candidate in Science and Technology (FCEN, UNCuyo) with a Diploma in Applied Clinical Research (INBIOMED / INBECU / CONICET, FCS, UM, Arg) and Post-title Specialization in Healthcare Management (George Washington University Business School, USA).

Since 2000, I trained in Telemedicine at ECU Telemedicine Center and UTMB, USA; completed the Specialization Course in Health Information Systems (Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires), and trained as a Virtual Mentor at PAHO/WHO Public Health Virtual Campus. I hold faculty positions as Postgraduate Faculty of the Telemedicine Diploma Course, (FCM, UNCuyo); of the Healthcare Administration Specialization Course (FCEyS, UDA); Director and Faculty of the Healthcare Management Specialization Course (ADEN International Business School; affiliated to the George Washington University Business School, USA).

Member of ATA and of the Executive Committee in Ocular Telehealth since 2000; Founder and 1st Chair of ATALACC (ATA); former Chair of the International SIG (ATA); Founder of the Provincial Telehealth Network of Mendoza; Member of the ICT Task Force of the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO) and of ICTs and Education Interest Group of the Argentine Council of Ophthalmology (CAO); Member of the Editorial Committees of the Telemedicine and e-Health Journal and the Latin American Telehealth Journal of the Excellence and Innovation in e-Health. I am also a Speaker and author on topics of Visual Communications, Telehealth, Teleophthalmology and the Doctor-Patient Relationship mediated by TICs; and have experience as International Consultant for PAHO/WHO and ECLAC/UN on ICTs applied in Healthcare.

Finally, I am a wife and mother of 3 children and a Border Collie. I enjoy traveling, as well as trying my best to improve my photography skills. I love interior design and art and could have been an architect.


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