Wendy Telenko

Wendy Telenko is the Executive VP at Herzig Eye Institute leading the company’s operations and integration of newly acquired technologies. She is constantly in motion, overseeing patient care initiatives; and working in collaboration with the Senior Executive Team to create processes and systems that deliver first-class patient care.

Wendy began her career in the ophthalmic industry more than 30 years ago as an ophthalmic technician working alongside Dr. Sheldon Herzig as Laser Eye Surgery was first introduced in Canada. She has been an integral part of Herzig Eye Institute since it opened in 1996, first as a surgical assistant, refractive counselor, and Centre Director.

In 2001, Wendy took a break from her professional career at Herzig Eye Institute to have a family. During her leave, she held the position of Clinical Liaison at INNOVA, an ophthalmic equipment company dedicated to developing innovative solutions that combine the best of technology and industry knowledge.

Wendy is well-known for her cumulative knowledge of the industry, extensive experience in centre operations, strategic planning, and people management skills. Recognized for her leadership and for delivering mission-critical results, Wendy joined the Herzig Eye Institute’s Senior Executive Team in 2011.

Wendy has continued to be a lead contributor to Herzig Eye Institute’s growth and expansion playing a key role in organization and education infrastructure, sharing her passion to support and develop the Herzig team and a vast network of eye care professionals.


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