Yolandie Coetzee, MD

Yolandie Coetzee, MD is the CEO of Envision Centre for Sight in South Africa. She is a general practitioner with a passion for medical education and the arts.

A refractive surgery practice in South Africa is particularly exciting and unique as they have a wide variety of cultures. Envision provides services to premium patients and they also have a subsidised care project which is made possible by their training and research program. Having low vision herself, she is aware of the challenges patients have and loves being part of giving people the gift of sight.

At Envision they aspire to change ophthalmology, not by fighting the old but by building something new.


Envision Centre for Sight


14 Hertz Boulevard, CW1

Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng 1911 SOUTH AFRICA

Telephone – +27-16-931-0217

Email – Yolandie@EnvisionSight.co.za

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